Breast uplift is the most popular cosmetic surgery in Australia with approximately 20,000 women in the country undergoing breast lifts annually. Mastopexy involves raising and reshaping the nipple and breast tissue to give breasts a firm and perky appearance.

If you have noticed that your breasts are sagging or no longer firm, a mastopexy procedure can help. At My Cosmetic Clinic, we offer breast lift procedures in Sydney to help women restore their breasts and feel confident in their bodies.

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What is breast lift surgery?

A breast mastopexy is a surgical procedure where excess skin around the nipple and breast tissue is removed to change the breast shape for a firm and perky breast profile.

During a breast elevation procedure, the nipple is repositioned higher on the breast and the surrounding breast tissue tightened.

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Is Breast Lift for You?

The shape and firmness of breast tissue tend to change over time due to factors such as weight changes, breastfeeding, ageing or pregnancy. These changes can affect the firmness and contours of natural breast tissue leading to sagging breasts. Any woman who wants firmer  and perkier breasts is a good candidate for a mastopexy.

In some cases, patients can opt for a combined breast lift with breast augmentation to increase breast size. If you have large breasts, you can also choose to have breast reduction along with the breast lift procedure.

People seeking to rectify these changes and sagging breasts, who would like firmer and perkier breasts.

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Real Patient Results
for Breast Lift in Sydney

At My Cosmetic Clinic, we believe in customised cosmetic procedures that address each patient’s unique needs. We focus on giving you
treatment that is tailored to meet your desired outcome working with you to ensure that your breast lift is a success.

Some of our success stories are pictured below.

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What causes sagging
breast tissue?

Several factors may cause your breasts may start sagging including:

  • Natural changes in breast tissue due to hormonal changes as you age
  • Weight changes may also affect the internal structure of breast tissue leaving you with drooping breasts.
  • Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding are also common causes of breast ptosis or sagging.
  • Breast ptosis or sagging breasts can happen to people with small or big breasts though bigger breasts are more prone to sagging. Breast lifts can be combined with breast reduction or breast augmentation.
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Benefits of breast lift surgery

A breast lift can help you regain your confidence and feel more comfortable in your body. Here are some benefits of breast lifts that you should know about.

  • Breast lifts Improve breast shape, symmetry and firmness of breast tissue.
  • A breast uplift can be combined with breast reduction or breast lift with implants to increase or reduce the size of your breasts as needed.
  • Breast lift procedures give long-lasting results so you will have firmer and perkier breasts regardless of age.
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Breast lift procedure

A mastopexy can be done using different procedures, depending on factors such as the degree of lift required, the elasticity of your skin and the desired outcome.

  • Periareolar breast mastopexy: this procedure is used when the sag is minimal. A periareolar mastopexy is done around the pigmented skin of the nipple.
  • Lollipop lift: When a moderate lift is required, the periareolar incision is combined with a vertical incision that runs down to the bottom of your breast.
  • Anchor lift: When there is a high degree of breast ptosis, an additional larger crescent incision in the crease at the bottom of your breast is made.
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How is breast lift
surgery performed?

During a breast elevation procedure, the surgeon typically takes the following steps:

At the beginning of the procedure, you’ll be put under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will then make an incision around the areola. The incision will also extend down to the breast crease and may extend along the sides of the areola.

Once the incisions are made, the surgeon will lift and reshape the breast tissue. Any extra skin will be removed and the areolas will be moved to the correct position on the new breast shape. If necessary the size of the areolas will be reduced.

Finally, the surgeon will close the incisions.

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Types of breast lift incisions

The main types of breast lift incisions include:

  • The Crescent Lift: this is the smallest type of incision that is typically made on the upper half of the areola. A crescent lift is best for those with minimal sagging.
  • The Lollipop Lift: this type of incision is made around the areola then down to the breast crease and Is best for those with moderate sagging.
  • The Donut Lift: This type of incision is made around the areola and allows for breast implants to be placed in the breast so it is commonly used when a breast lift is combined with breast augmentation.
  • The Anchor Incision: There are 3 incisions made in the anchor incision, one around the areola, the second a horizontal incision at the breast crease, and the third a vertical incision from the areola to the breast crease. This type of incision is used when there is a high degree of breast sagging and can be combined with breast reduction or breast augmentation.
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What can breast lift surgery do for me?

Getting a breast uplift will help lift sagging breasts by removing excess skin, reshaping breast tissue and repositioning the areolae to give you firmer and perkier breasts. Breast lifts can also improve the symmetry of your breasts and reduce the size of the areola if needed. If you want to regain the youthful appearance of firm and shapely breasts, breast lifts are the ideal solution. 

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How much does
a breast lift cost
in Sydney?

The cost of a breast elevation procedure in Sydney starts from $11,900, which includes the surgery and anaesthetic fees, hospital charges, and follow-up appointments for 6 months. Costs may vary if you decide to combine your breast lift with breast reduction or augmentation.

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Why choose My Cosmetic Clinic for your breast lift Sydney

At My Cosmetic Clinic, we take a medical approach to beauty and strive to provide personalised cosmetic treatments in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We treat all our patients as unique and ensure that we customise our treatments to best suit your needs and desired outcome. We have invested in the best technology and facilities to ensure that you have a safe and successful treatment.

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You can learn more about breast uplift procedures in the answers to commonly asked questions below.  

A breast lift can be performed on any woman at any age who wants to improve the shape and lift of her breasts provided they are in good health. The surgeon will assess your condition and recommend the best procedure for you.

Your Cosmetic Surgeon will assess you and recommend the best procedure based on your condition and desired outcome. He will also answer any questions you may have about the breast lift process and outline in detail any possible risks of the procedure.

It is normal to feel tired and sore after your breast lift. Your breasts will be swollen and tender. It is also normal to lose sensitivity in the nipple and breast skin during the recovery period. Most of the post-surgery swelling will subside within 4 weeks but in some cases, full recovery may take up to 3 months.

Most patients will experience discomfort and soreness after a breast elevation procedure. The doctor will prescribe pain medication to alleviate pain but in most cases, the pain will be bearable and fade as you start to recover.

A breast uplift is a surgical or invasive procedure so there are some risks associated with it including excessive bleeding, infection, hematoma, and seroma. Permanent loss of sensitivity in the nipple area is possible. Smoking can increase your risks and slow down the healing of scars.

The location of scars from a breast lift will depend on the type of incision made. The periareolar mastopexy leaves just a scar around your areola and the “lollipop lift” leaves a scar around your areola and a scar straight down to the breast crease. Anchor lift incisions will leave an additional scar at the breast fold.

Although the results of your breast lift are immediate, there will be a surgical dressing covering your breast for a few days. This dressing will be removed at your post-operative visit with your Cosmetic Surgeon and you will be able to clearly see the results at that point.

At My Cosmetic Clinic, a mastopexy is usually performed in an accredited hospital and surgical facility in Sydney. This hospital serves patients seeking surgery in Sydney, Sydney CBD, Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Newcastle and Wollongong.

On average mastopexy results last for 10 to 15 years. For some patients, the results may last even longer than 15 years but this depends on individual factors.

Having a breast lift will not interfere with breastfeeding in any way. You can still breastfeed normally even after the procedure.

Yes, you can have a breast lift without breast implants. Breast mastopexy is intended to lift and reshape the breast by removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue. They can be done on their own for people who just want firmer and perky breasts without needing to increase breast size.

Yes, you can get a combined breast lift with implants to increase breast size or a breast lift combined with reduction to reduce breast size. These procedures can be done at the same time so talk to your surgeon before the procedure about augmenting or reducing your breast size.

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