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Arm / Thigh Lift

Arm and thigh lifts are surgical procedures designed to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper arm or thigh. This treatment serves to improve the shape of the area of concern, resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing overall figure.

A surgical lift is an excellent treatment for those who have been actively or steadily losing weight but are still unsatisfied with the look they are left with even after achieving significant weight loss results. As we age, losing weight often means that the body is left with excess skin that is particularly difficult to shift. When weight loss is quick and substantial, the skin often struggles to conform to the new contour, and can therefore appear loose and saggy, which can affect the appearance of the entire body. When exercise and dieting can no longer help you achieve your optimal figure, an arm or thigh lift can work as the final step: a long-lasting, satisfying method for attaining and refining your ideal figure.

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Benefits of a Surgical Lift

Surplus skin and fat deposits in the arms and legs can lead to conditions such as skin irritation and a higher rate of fungal infections. Arm or thigh lift surgery can relieve these symptoms, and also provide patients with highly satisfying results leading to:

  • A much lighter feeling in the limbs, allowing for greater freedom of movement and allowing you to be even more active
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence and the confidence to wear what you want
  • A more proportioned, balanced figure

In your in-person consultation with Dr Ansari, you will be provided full details and insights into the options that are most suitable for your body type and lifestyle. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, gather information, and discuss your goals and expectations with Dr Ansari.

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Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery is an excellent treatment for those who experience sagging or drooping in the upper arm area due to advancing age, weight fluctuations or genetic factors, known colloquially as “bingo wings”. While exercise can strengthen and tone the underlying muscles, it cannot improve skin laxity or eliminate stubborn fat deposits that often settle in this area. An arm lift, however, can correct these issues by tightening and contouring the area, giving the upper body better shape and definition.

During the procedure, an incision is made on the inner surface of the upper arm, usually from the armpit to the elbow. Excess skin is removed from the area, and the remaining skin is tightened and pulled into position to accommodate for the new contour. If the surgery is combined with liposuction, then larger amounts of fat can be removed from the area for a more holistic effect. The incision is then sutured to smoothen and define the new shape of the upper arm.

Liposuction primarily serves to remove isolated deposits of fat from the body, while the arm or thigh lift surgery aims to fundamentally reshape, tighten and contour the area. To learn more about the procedure, read our page on Liposuction. Depending on your needs and goals, it is possible to combine these procedures. Dr Ansari will discuss this option with you upon consultation, to assess whether it is a safe and suitable inclusion for your treatment.

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Thigh Lift

The thigh lift is a highly practical way to manage loose or sagging skin around the thighs, usually the result of advancing age, loss of skin elasticity or weight loss. This treatment serves to remove excess skin and fat from the inner or outer thighs, ultimately tightening and reshaping the area to produce a balanced, well-proportioned contour of the lower body.

The procedure will vary slightly based on the area of treatment and the degree of correction. The incision will be made either on the inner or outer thigh, where excess skin will then be removed, and remaining skin will be tightened and contoured accordingly. Similar to the arm lift, this procedure can be combined with liposuction for a more comprehensive adjustment. The incision will be closed by deep sutures within the underlying tissue, which will help to support and secure the newly shaped contours.

While an arm or thigh lift is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, it can help you obtain many personal benefits. Beyond improving your appearance, the procedure can reduce feelings of heaviness in the arms or thighs. With lighter and more manoeuvrable arms and thighs, staying active and maintaining a healthy body becomes even easier. The surgery can help tone the concerned area, giving the entire body an attractive, aesthetically pleasing shape and resulting in more confidence and higher self-esteem. The skin may also become smoother as a result of treatment, and the outcome will be a proportioned, enhanced version of your natural self.

The results of the surgery should be long-lasting, so long as your weight remains at a healthy, stable level. Both arm and thigh lift surgery have demonstrated functional and cosmetic benefits for many patients, who have experienced greater confidence and an improved.

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Arm / Thigh Lift
Before & After

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Frequently Asked Questions

An arm or thigh lift procedure is suitable for anyone who has been steadily losing weight but may require surgical assistance to achieve their final, ideal figure. After significant weight loss, many people develop loose skin in the upper arm and upper thigh areas. Sagging skin can also be the result of ageing, as the skin naturally loses volume and elasticity over time. This excess skin can generate a lack of confidence and can prevent people from embracing the figure they have worked hard to achieve.

An arm or thigh lift is suitable for those who wish to remove this extra skin and reshape the area of concern. This surgery serves to contour and lift the skin, and is therefore suited to those who have reached, or are close to reaching, their ideal weight. Before undergoing a surgical lift, Dr Ansari recommends that patients attain a stable weight that they can comfortably maintain following the procedure. It is also suggested that patients maintain a reasonable level of fitness to aid with the recovery process.

This procedure is not a substitute for weight loss and is therefore unsuitable for those who are extremely overweight. Body contouring surgery should be the final step to achieving your ideal figure, and thus should be postponed until excess weight has been lost and a stable weight has been reached and maintained.

The arm or thigh lift procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia and IV sedation, or general anaesthesia. This will be discussed before your surgery and will depend on the preference of the patient and the expertise of the doctors.

The duration of your procedure will depend on the amount of correction you require. Arm lift surgery may take approximately 1 to 3 hours, while a thigh lift may take up to 3 hours or more, depending on the size and type of repair.

Dr Ansari’s patients do commonly receive liposuction of the arms or thighs simultaneously with their lift. The two treatments work together to remove excess skin and focalised areas of fat, while also contouring and tightening the area to accommodate for the new shape. However, this is usually decided on a case basis. If the surgeon judges that it is safe to do so, then liposuction may be added to the treatment. This will depend on whether the patient has a safe amount of time left under the anaesthesia, and if the patient’s risk of blood clotting is relatively low. This will be discussed in your first consultation.

Every surgical procedure involves a certain amount of risk. While it is essential to gather information on potential complications, it is equally necessary to evaluate the benefits of the treatment.

Potential complications of this surgery may include infection, bleeding, thickened scarring, seroma formation, contour irregularity, asymmetry, nerve damage and loss of sensation. While these issues are unlikely, risks associated with the procedure will be outlined in your consultation. Your surgeon will also discuss the measures that will be taken to reduce the risk of complications so that you can leave fully aware and assured of how the procedure may go.

After the procedure, you will experience some soreness, swelling or bruising, and you may not be able to stand up straight or lay flat for a while, depending on your level of discomfort. For a smooth recovery, you will need to commit to the healing phase, recovery protocols and aftercare requirements, which your surgeon will discuss with you prior to treatment.

Although the resulting scar is truly dependent upon your own body and how you normally heal, Steri-Strips can flatten scars and keep them protected in the interim (although some patients may experience irritation). After some healing and wound gaining the strength, you may wish to ask your surgeon about Silicone Sheeting. Silicone sheeting has a wonderful record in improving scars and from hindering keloids from forming.

While incisions will be sutured carefully by your surgeon, every surgical procedure will result in some scarring. The degree of scarring will depend primarily on your body and how you usually heal. Although, there are particular techniques and ways in which scars can eventually be minimised. Steri-Strips can flatten scars and keep them protected in the interim (although some patients may experience irritation). After some healing time, you may wish to ask your surgeon about silicone sheeting, which has an excellent record for improving scars and for preventing keloids from forming.

After an arm lift surgery, scars usually form at the inner side of the arm where the incision is made. While this is not visible when the arm is close to the body, scars can be seen when the arm is lifted. Similarly, a thigh lift procedure will result in scars at the inner part of the thighs, which will not be visible unless the legs are moved apart. Dr Ansari will ensure that all incisions are placed carefully to reduce the amount of scarring.

Recovery time depends on the individual, but usually follows a general pattern. For the first few days, the patients may prefer to take some pain medicine, usually a mild narcotic. During this time they generally stay at home, and they cannot drive a car or operate machinery. Near the one-week mark, when they are on milder medicine, they can start light exercise, such as walking, treadmill, stationary bike, but not impact exercises like running or aerobics.

The point at which work can be resumed depends upon how the work activities fit into the progression of recovery and this is individualised. We often recommend that an Compression garment be worn for varying lengths of time.

Consultations with Dr Ansari can be scheduled at any of our clinic locations from Newcastle to the Central Coast, in and around the Sydney area and further south in Wollongong. Dr Ansari is a highly experienced surgeon who is dedicated to helping patients achieve the results they desire. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of an arm or thigh lift, contact My Cosmetic Clinic by calling us on +61-1300-854-989. You can also send an inquiry through our contact form or book an appointment online at any time.

At My Cosmetic Clinic, consultations for surgical treatments cost $75, due to their in-depth and detailed nature.

These consultations involve a one-to-one in-person discussion with expert surgeon and clinic leader Dr Ansari, who will educate patients on all matters of the desired procedure. Patients will have the opportunity to ask Dr Ansari all their questions and will gain full insight into how the surgery will be performed and the requirements associated.

Yes, it is possible for the arm and thigh lift surgery to be performed together. However, Dr Ansari will discuss this with you in your consultation and will assess whether it is safe to do so.

Recovery time after the treatment depends on the individual. Generally, patients will receive pain medicine for the first few days after the procedure, in which time patients stay at home and are unable to operate machinery or drive.

One week after the surgery, when medicine is milder, patients can begin light exercise, such as walking or stationary cycling, but must avoid impact exercises, namely running or aerobics.

Returning to work will depend on how work activity fits into the progression of recovery. Since this is individualised, this will be discussed directly with your surgeon. For some patients, we often recommend wearing a compression garment for a little while after the procedure, depending on how recovery is progressing.

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