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How does liposuction
help weight loss?

My Cosmetic Clinic is a leading provider of liposuction surgery in their Erina, Central Coast clinic. This cosmetic surgery removes unwanted fat cells from various parts of the body, helping to slim down your appearance while improving your body or face shape.

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Our cosmetic doctors on the Central Coast use liposuction to help redefine your figure and restore your body confidence.

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Who is the ideal candidate for liposuction?

You are the ideal candidate if you:

  • have tried to actively lose weight,
  • have realistic expectations,
  • are now at a stable weight, and
  • need a little extra help to shift stubborn excess fat.
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How is the liposuction surgery performed at My Cosmetic Clinic on the Central Coast and Erina?

You will have an initial consultation with one of My Cosmetic Clinic’s experienced surgeons who will go through any questions, set realistic expectations and book a date for your surgery.

On the day of your liposuction in Erina or the Central Coast clinic, the area to be operated on will be injected with a local anaesthetic before the surgeon inserts cannulas that will suck out the excess fat.

Aftercare, recovery and how to maintain results.

You will have sedation for the surgical procedure and may feel sleepy for the rest of the day. You can have some swelling, bruising and discomfort in the sites. Your doctor can prescribe you analgesia to help with this pain.

This bruising and swelling start to subside after a week, but can last up to 6 weeks. You will be provided with a compression garment to wear to aid in healing and reduce swelling.

The best way to maintain your results is to continue to eat healthy, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and if needed, a skin-tightening procedure to correct sagging skin.

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See real patient results here.

You can find great before and after photos of patients who have had lipo surgical procedures here.

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How much does Liposuction
cost on the Central
Coast and Erina?

My Cosmetic Clinic offers comprehensive packages with variable pricing depending on how many areas of your body are treated. Our prices start at:

  • $4,900 for one area
  • $3,00 for each additional area.
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Why residents of the Central Coast and Erina should choose My Cosmetic Clinic for liposuction

We are a leading provider of cosmetic surgery and pride ourselves on our exceptional patient-centred approach. Our personalised, holistic approach ensures you are treated as our number one priority as we strive to help you step out with more confidence and to feel comfortable in your own body.

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Common questions about liposuction

All your frequently asked questions are below:

At My Cosmetic Clinic, we advise our patients that there are some risks associated with lipo such as significant swelling or bruising, poor wound healing and dimpling or indentations. The risks and complications will be discussed with you at your initial consultation.

You can expect to see a significant smoothing and shaping of your body 6 weeks to 3 months after your lipo treatment. It is important, however, to discuss expectations with your surgeon before undertaking this procedure so you know what results to expect for you.

Thus, if you have body fat deposits that produce an undesired contour (e.g.“pot belly” or “saddlebag thighs” in females or “love handles” in males), then these can be permanently changed or limited by removal of the fat cells.

Our surgeons will discuss how much fat will be removed at your first appointment. 6-8 lbs (3-4litres) is the maximum safe amount that can be removed at one time. If large amounts are required to be removed patients may need more than one procedure.

At our Central Coast or Erina clinic, liposuction can take 1 to 3 hours. The length of time depends on the extent of your procedure and what body part will be operated on.

This procedure does not leave visible scars. This surgery requires tiny incisions that fade over time. You can help your scars fade by using a high-quality moisturiser and good sun protection.

We advise our Central Coast patients that liposuction removes fat cells permanently. However, you may notice a change in body shape if you gain significant amounts of weight.

The most common liposuction complications include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Formation of irregular contours
  • Poor wound healing

Dr Ansari will discuss the side effects and any potential complications directly with you at your initial consultation.

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