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  • Dr Masood Ansari

As people go through the aging process, their skin will lose volume and become thinner. This generally becomes more obvious around the eyelids. Sometimes the upper eyelid can become so droopy and heavy that it stops light from being able to enter the eye. This can interfere with the vision of the individual. This condition is called dermatochalasis or blepharoptosis. In some instances, there is an accumulation of excess fat and skin on the lower lids. This can combine with water retention, resulting in a baggy and puffy appearance to the lower eyelids. This results in a tired appearance. Issues with the lower and upper eyelids can be corrected to restore the visual function and refresh the appearance of the individual with eyelid surgery. This is one of the most frequently performed procedures.

Numerous individuals have chosen to have surgery on their lower lids during the same procedure for the preservation of facial harmony. The surgery decreases the amount of bagginess beneath the lower eyelids while removing excess skin from the upper lids. Although this procedure is generally performed for cosmetic reasons, it is also effective for older adults with sagging eyelids causing issues with their vision. It is important to note this procedure is noted designed to eliminate facial wrinkles, crow’s feet or dark circles beneath the eyes. For this reason, the surgery is often performed with other procedures.

The aging of the skin causes a loss of elasticity. When this is combined with the effect of gravity, excess skin can accumulate on both the lower and upper eyelids. When this skin is located on the lower eyelid, it can result in bulges and wrinkles. An extra skin fold may hang above the eyelashes, resulting in an obstruction of the vision. Bulges can also result in the lower and upper eyelids with the fat acting as a cushion between the skull and the eyeball. The fat is held by a thin membrane weakening with age. This enables the fat to move in a forward direction to the eyelids, similar to a hernia.

The best candidates for this procedure are in good health. It is important to have realistic expectations for this surgery. The majority of individuals are above the age of 35. If droopy or baggy eyelids are a concern, the surgery is often performed sooner.

The surgery will not only enhance your appearance, but it can increase your self-confidence as well. One of the best benefits is the procedure will not change the structure of your face. It is important to talk about your goals and expectations with the surgeon prior to making the decision to have this procedure. Surgery on your upper eyelids will usually last for years. Surgery on your lower eyelids will most likely not need to be repeated. However, it all depends on the unique case. After the surgery, your eyes will continue to age. If this eventually results in a sagging of your upper eyelids, a brow lift may be a better option than an additional eyelid lift. The number one reason most people have this procedure done is droopy eyelids. Eyelid surgery will remove and tighten the excess skin from your eyelids for a more youthful and alert appearance.

In many instances, the improvement of droopy eyelids can provide a positive difference in vision by offering the individual a less obstructed field of view. The procedure can remove excess fat, muscle and skin from your lower or upper eyelids. In certain instances, the excess skin may need to be removed but not the muscle. The procedure can be performed on both your lower and upper eyelids. It is important not to confuse this surgery with ptosis surgery for the upper eyelid. This procedure raises the upper eyelid position by tightening the tendon and muscle. If the upper eyelid is being weighed down by the weight of the excess skin, this surgery can often slightly elevate the margin of the upper eyelid by preventing the drooping. The result is an improvement in vision.

In many instances, the surgery is performed to improve the appearance of the individual as opposed to there being a medical need. Unfortunately, the aging process can cause both the lower and upper eyelids to begin to droop or become baggy. The same process can also cause a drooping or sagging of the eyebrows. The skin of the eyelids stretches, the fat pockets gain prominence and begin to bulge and the muscles become weak. This can also occur due to a hereditary condition prevalent in the family. These types of cosmetic issues can detract from the attractiveness of your face and eyes, resulting in an older and fatigued appearance. One of your best possible options is to have eyelid surgery. The surgeon will explain the procedure and the results you can expect to achieve and answer any questions.

The functional version of the surgery is performed for individuals with a medical issue. This is usually for the removal of the loose skin drooping below the eyelid. This can obstruct the vision of the individual for basic visual tasks including driving. Another functional issue related to baggy lower or upper eyelids is wearing contact lenses or glasses. There are other medical conditions that can be resolved with this surgery. Sometimes excess folds of skin on the eyelid can cause irritation and rub together. The forehead can become strained and uncomfortable due to the strain of the muscles lifting the skin sagging in the eyelids and surrounding area. Whether the individual is having the procedure done for medical or cosmetic reasons, it is important to have a surgeon with experience performing this procedure.

The medical name for droopy upper eyelids is ptosis. This condition may be present in one or both eyelids. If the individual has had this condition since they were born, it is called congenital ptosis. In most cases, the eyelids droop when the upper eyelid falls from the correct position. If the eyelid edge falls too far, it can cover a portion of the pupil. This often blocks the upper area of the vision. This condition is usually caused by the normal aging of the structures. The muscle tendon is generally responsible for lifting the eyelid. When the muscle stretches, the eyelid will fall. To correct this issue, the stretched tendon must be repaired through surgery. The development of a droopy upper eyelid after eye surgery or cataract surgery is not uncommon.

When the eyelid is manipulated during a procedure, the muscle holding open the eye can be weakened. Ptosis can also be caused by trauma and stroke. If your interest in this surgery is strictly cosmetic, it is extremely important that your expectations are kept realistic. Although your improvement may be dramatic, this procedure will not turn the clock back twenty years. The process of aging is going to continue after your surgery. This means although your results should last for numerous years, the improvements you see will not be indefinite. Once enough years have passed, you may need to repeat your procedure to continue enjoying your results. The length of time your results will last is dependent on several factors including your health. In many cases, individuals have had their results last for as many as ten years.

Prior to your procedure, you will be evaluated for potential risks including diabetes, thyroid eye disease and dry eye issues. It is important to understand you can be eliminated as a candidate for surgery due to health issues and their severity. Smoking will increase the risk of complications with any surgical procedure because the body will heal slower. If you smoke, the chances are excellent you will be told to stop smoking for a set amount of time before and after your surgery. This procedure is more difficult to perform for individuals of Asian descent.

The Procedure for Eyelid Surgery

The surgeon will explain the exact techniques that will be used for your procedure. You will not be in discomfort during the surgery due to the administration of medication to numb the area around your eyes. If the surgeon expects your eyelid surgery to be more complicated or if you are having additional cosmetic procedures during your surgery, general anesthesia will most likely be administered. Depending on if you are having one or both eyelids corrected and the complexity of your procedure, the surgery may require between minutes to multiple hours.

There are certain general steps you need to take before your procedure. This includes:

• The surgeon will instruct you to discontinue using any medication to thin your blood and prevent normal clotting. These medications need to be discontinued in the weeks prior to your surgery.

• Do not wear any type of cosmetics the day of your procedure.

• It is important to have a friend take you to and from your procedure. They should remain with you for at least one night to make certain everything is alright.

If you are not having any other procedures, your surgery may be fairly short. If you are having any additional or complex procedures during your surgery, then it will go longer. During the actual surgery, the surgeon can go in and separate the underlying tissue and the skin. This enables the removal of the excess skin, fat and sometimes muscle.

There are several different techniques that can be used during your eyelid surgery. You should be happy to know that at My Cosmetic Clinic, Dr. Ansari performs bladeless eyelid surgery, which offers more precision and less complications. During this innovative procedure, the incision is created using energy-based techniques instead of a surgical scalpel.

Arranging a ride to and from your surgery is extremely important. It is just as important to have a friend stay with your for the first night after your surgery. You will need to limit your activities and schedule a set amount of time off of work to give your eyelids enough time to heal.

The Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

The first and most obvious signs of the aging process are often seen in the area surrounding the upper eyelids. The skin in this area can become susceptible to the deposits of fat. This causes a weakening of the muscles, creating a look of exhaustion, sadness or anger even if this is not the way you are feeling at the time. Your upper eyelid skin can become heavy enough to droop down over your eyes and cause an obstruction in your vision. This surgery creates a more refreshed and younger-looking appearance. The procedure has become extremely popular for both men and women interested in approving their aesthetics while eliminating the excess skin on the upper eyelids causing an obstruction to their vision. The benefits of this procedure include:

• Although the main goal of this procedure is not the reduction of lines, numerous individuals have seen a significant decrease in the first signs of aging. When both the lower and upper lids are lifted, the amount of lines around the lower lid and the outer corners of the eye are often decreased. These results can be further enhanced with a skin rejuvenation procedure to add smoothing to the eye creases.

• When there is a lot of heavy skin drooping from the upper lid, the concern becomes more than just cosmetic. Vision can be impaired due to the excess deposits of tissue and skin on the eyelid. This procedure lifts the upper eyelid, removes the deposits of fat and skin, and increases the line of vision.

• Even when the individual is getting enough sleep, bags beneath the eyes can make them look tired. When the excess tissue and skin is addressed, the darkness beneath the eyes is substantially improved.

• This procedure is one of the best possible ways to provide your face with a more refreshed appearance. The appearance and shape of your eyes are specifically enhanced due to this procedure. This is true whether or not you choose to have any additional cosmetic or surgical procedures done along with your surgery.

If you make the decision to have this surgery for either medical or cosmetic reasons, it is very important to ensure the surgeon is experienced with this procedure. This is the best way to help ensure you receive optimal results. At My Cosmetic Clinic, our surgeon can customize your procedure for your desired goals and specific needs. We have offices located in Newcastle, Baulkham Hills, Botany, Crows Nest, Erina, Frenchs Forest, Newcastle, Nowra and Wollongong. If you are interested in eyelid surgery, please contact us today so your personal consultation can be scheduled!

Dr Masood Ansari
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