• 16 June 2021
  • Dr Masood Ansari

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, then breast augmentation could be the solution you’ve been looking for all along. Whether you’re a cancer survivor, you’ve had one or more pregnancies, or you simply have aesthetics motivations, we can help you here at My Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney, NSW. If you’re ready to improve your breasts’ appearance, symmetry, and size, we can help give you that boost self-confidence so you absolutely love what you see in the mirror.

Is There a Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants?

While you may have heard the terms used interchangeably, technically, breast implants are a form of breast augmentation. Actually, implants are the most common form of augmentation performed in the US. It’s a surgical procedure designed to increase size, shape, and fullness while correcting symmetry or other issues.

However, augmentation procedures consist of more than just implants. A breast lift is another popular procedure that we perform, often in conjunction with a Mommy Makeover. So, augmentation can be implants or a lift, whereas implants are simply increasing the size and shape. However, there are different types and procedures for implants that we’ll discuss a little later.

Enhance the Size and Appearance of Your Breasts

The best way to refer to breast augmentation is by calling it a breast enhancement. The procedure is designed to increase the fullness and size of the breasts. It’s the method that differs: you can pick between a traditional implant or a fat transfer. Our patients have both cosmetic and medical motivations for getting this procedure. Typical reasons include restoring breast tissue post-mastectomy or increasing size for aesthetics reasons.

What Are Breast Implants?

For our patients here at My cosmetic Center, the most popular choice for augmentation is an implant procedure. This procedure consists of implants that are inserted into the breast through an incision made underneath the breast or around the nipple, which ultimately increases size and fullness. However, many of our patients also choose to undergo implant surgery as well as a breast lift to get that extra enhancement to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

Different Types of Implants

The two most common types of implants are probably something you’ve heard of before if you’re interested in this procedure: silicone and saline. Silicone has become more popular since they have the most natural look and feel due to their unique gel formula inside the implant itself.

Saline implants are a bit different. They consist of an outer shell made from silicone and are filled with saline water. That makes it easy to adjust the size since we can add more or less saline to achieve the perfect look.

Fat Transfer

One of the best advantages of undergoing this procedure is that it can be customized to meet your exact needs and aesthetics goals. Breast implants are a popular choice, but they’re not the only choice. Many women often don’t realize that they can also choose a fat transfer for their implants. There are some limitations to this option, but it’s been a successful choice for many women.

During the procedure, fat is taken from a donor site and removed. Then, it’s prepared and injected into the breasts. However, this option only allows you to go up two cup sizes, so it’s not ideal for all women. If you think this might be the right option for you, just let us know during your initial consultation, and we can determine if it’s a good choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

Here at My Cosmetic Center, most of our patients describe the recovery process as fairly minimal. Usually, most patients can get back to their normal life and routine about two days after their procedure. It will probably take about two weeks before you feel completely normal, and it’s crucial to avoid heavy lifting or exercise during that period.

During your initial consultation, our Dr. will go over all the information and instructions for your recovery, so you know exactly what to expect. However, it’s important to remember that breast augmentation is surgery and does require some intense rest and recovery.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The results are semi-permanent, so you can expect to enjoy your enhanced breasts for years and years. Typically, we advise our patients to get a touch-up or redo session every ten years. It’s also essential to attend periodic check-up appointments to ensure that your implants are in excellent condition and still in the proper place.

Can You Still Breastfeed After Getting Implants?

Many of our patients successfully breastfeed after their elective implants or augmentation surgery. However, during your initial consultation, it’s vital that you mention this to the Dr. so we can plan accordingly. We will place your implants in a strategic place so you can have no problem with breastfeeding.

What’s the Ideal Age for This Procedure?

One factor that can determine if you’re a suitable candidate is age. Typically, this surgery is ideal for women in their 30s or younger. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be precluded if you’re in your 40s or 50s. We will discuss all the factors at your initial consultation to determine if this is the best procedure for you.

Am I a Good Candidate?

One of the best benefits of electing for this procedure is that you should be a suitable candidate as long as you’re a healthy adult. As long as you want to improve your breasts’ appearance, aesthetics, and size for either medical or cosmetic motivations, you’ll most likely be a good candidate. Here are some of the most common candidates that elect to undergo this procedure:

  • Women whose breasts have changed or lost tissue due to pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Women who are breast cancer survivors or have undergone a mastectomy
  • Women who are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance or size of their natural breasts

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today

Here at My Cosmetic Center, we genuinely care about our patients. We know they want to live their best life, and we do everything in our power to help them achieve that. If you’re considering breast augmentation, we can help, whether you have medical or cosmetic motivations. Contact us today at our office in Sydney, NSW, to schedule your initial consultation or learn more about the cosmetic treatments and procedures we offer.

Dr Masood Ansari
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