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Chemical peels are minimally invasive options that can give your skin a new lease on life and keep you looking younger, fresher, and more attractive. At My Cosmetic Clinic in Newcastle, New South Wales, we are experts in determining what level of chemical peel you need to look and feel your best. Everyone is different, which is why we offer a no-pressure consultation that puts you in control of your future beauty!

What Are Chemical Peels?

These treatments work by removing the top layers of skin and exposing the newer, dewy skin beneath. Over time, skin cells can accumulate on the face, making it look dull and textured. By taking away those external layers, your skin will look brighter and more youthful.

We start by putting on a simple solution that exfoliates the first few layers of your skin so that dull skin cells will slough right off. It’s just like how you do it at home, but our treatment is much more intense and effective.

Types of Peels

The results you want to achieve will dictate the type of chemical peel that you opt for. We will detail all of your options during your initial consultation, but there are three different types of peels that you can choose from: light, medium, or deep. The one you choose will directly relate to the results that you want to see on your skin. Each peel comes with benefits and downsides, and these will be explained to you by our expert staff.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Although anyone can get this treatment, there are some people who make better candidates than others. If you have fair skin and lighter hair, chemical peels will generally work better and faster for you. Darker-skinned people may experience uneven skin after treatment or need more intense treatments to get the same results. Since these are simply generalizations and everyone is different, it’s important to talk to a professional for a personal consultation.

What Can This Treatment Do?

These types of treatments can help in turning back the clock and giving you skin that can look decades younger. Although results may vary, and chemical peels are by no means a miracle solution, many people have been satisfied with the results and make this treatment a regular part of their skincare regimen.

Typical Benefits

Everyone is different, but many people find that these types of treatments leave their skin looking better than it ever has. Chemical peels have some surprising and pleasant benefits that you might not have even thought of.

Luminous Skin

The key benefit of this treatment is luminous, dewy, bouncy skin. By removing the top few layers of dead skin cells, you are able to see the fresh skin underneath. Many people find that their skin looks far more radiant than it has been in years. This treatment also unclogs the pores, minimizing them and clearing off all of the dirt and debris that may have been marring your face.

They can also tone down the look of acne scars. Many of us suffered from acne as children, and the scars have remained well into adulthood. The unique ingredients in these peels act as softening agents that tone down old scars by removing layers of skin and allowing new, unblemished skin to shine through. These treatments act as a whole overhaul for the face: taking away undesirable elements and making your natural beauty shine through.

Brighter Eyes

This is one benefit that most people don’t even consider! Our eyes can maximize our beauty or be a hindrance to it. Deep circles beneath the eyes can make us look several years older than we actually are, which is why chemical peels work so well in rolling back the years. They can take away some of the dark pigment from these circles, leaving our eyes less hooded and more prominent.

The result is bright, beautiful eyes that dominate the face and look energetic and young. Of course, you might have different results depending on your complexion and how deep your circles are. Still, many people have been pleasantly surprised by how absolutely stunning their eyes look after one of these treatments.

Fewer Sunspots

If you were a sun-worshipper in your youth, you might have the remnants of those long days at the beach on your face. Sunspots are your skin’s natural reaction to prolonged exposure to UV rays, and they can manifest themselves as discolored elements on your face. While you can minimize the effects and protect against further damage by using a good sunscreen, many people find that peels work to erase the look of sunspots and give them a smoother and more even-colored complexion.

As with dark circles, individual results will vary. That’s why it’s so important to get a personalized consultation before deciding on any sort of treatment. At My Cosmetic Clinic, we will be able to set expectations for you and make sure that you are getting the best service for your particular needs.

Long-Term Skin Health

Chemical peels work by removing dead and dull skin from the surface of your face and allowing new skin cells to shine and thrive, so it makes sense that they sometimes can lead to long-term skin health. With fresh skin cells at the forefront of your face, your skin is more likely to drink in all of those expensive beauty products that are part of your regular regimen. Some people find that they don’t need to apply as much of their products to get better results after a peel.

This is especially true when it comes to certain anti-aging agents like Retinol. Since your skin will be looking and performing its best, it can absorb and use retinol more effectively. How does this work? There are fewer dull and dead skin cells standing in the way of your face sucking all of the good stuff from your products. This allows a more streamlined flow right into your face and generally yields better results.

What Does This Treatment Entail?

After you talk to an expert at My Cosmetic Clinic, the next step is booking your treatment and preparing to potentially look your best when it is finished.

The treatment dissolves dull and dead skin cells through an aggressive exfoliating process that gets deep into your skin to target areas that you can’t get with over-the-counter methods. The strength of the treatment will vary depending on what you are looking to accomplish, and all options will be laid out for you by our team prior to the treatment itself.

A Painless, Easy Treatment

The whole treatment can generally be done right in the comfort of our own offices, although some deeper or more intense treatments may require you to spend some time at an outpatient facility. All of this will be explained to you beforehand, so there will be no surprises when you go into the treatment. A local anesthetic is administered in many cases to minimize the discomfort and aid in your recovery process.

Most people don’t feel a lot of discomfort other than a mild stinging sensation that is more irritating than painful. We have several methods of dealing with that sensation, including cooling options that most candidates say makes the treatment a breeze.

A New You in About an Hour

Plan to spend at least half an hour in our facilities, not including any pre or post-treatment care. The length of time depends largely on what you’re looking to accomplish and how intricate the process will be. Our staff will review all of this with you prior to your appointment.

Many people find that the process of getting one of these treatments is painless and minimally invasive. At My Cosmetic Clinic, we strive to be as transparent as possible, so you always know what to expect and are pleasantly surprised by the results.

How Often Should I Get These Treatments?

If you have acne or other types of skin damage that you want to treat, we recommend that you get frequent chemical peels to rapidly decrease the blemishes, scars, or spots on your face. During your individual consultation, you will be given a personalized plan for treatment.

If you are simply interested in maintaining your skin and reducing the effects of aging, you should consider getting these types of treatments once every four to six weeks. This will give your skin enough time to heal between appointments and actively continue promoting the generation of collagen and new skin cells on your face and neck.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

Your skin might look a little dry or even reddish for a few days after your peel. At My Cosmetic Clinic, we use a process called Enerpeel, which is a cutting edge technology that minimizes the recovery time and irritation usually felt by traditional chemical peels.

It is highly recommended that you use a lot of moisturizer and sunscreen after your treatment. Your skin will be far more sensitive, so giving it a little extra care is a good step to take if you want to preserve the lasting effects of your treatment, and maintain your gorgeous glow. If you are a smoker, you should try to cut back or quit for a few days after your treatment.

What Should I Do to Prepare for This Treatment

During your consultation with our experts at My Cosmetic Clinic, you will be briefed on what you can expect from the treatment and what you should do to ultimately make it a success. Everyone is different, but there are a few common things that we recommend that you keep in mind prior to getting a chemical peel.

Talk to Us About Your Routine

If you use anti-aging products with Retinol or Retin-A, it’s advisable to avoid them for a day or two before your treatment. These types of products can thin the skin and irritate your face, and you want a fresh canvas for the treatment. You can resume your anti-aging regimen after your treatment is completed, but make sure that you talk to your doctor about a reasonable timeline. Remember, your skin will be much more sensitive after the treatment.

You should also disclose any medications that you’re taking, as some of them may interfere with the treatment. Please consider putting other elements of your skincare regimen on hold until the treatment is done, such as at-home masks or deep exfoliation treatments. If you wax or bleach your facial hair, you might want to consider waiting until after your chemical peel.

When Do I Start to See the Benefits?

Everyone is different, so it’s tough to give a specific timeline of when you can expect to see your new, dewy skin make its debut. Those with existing problems, like sunspots or acne, might need more treatments to begin seeing the results. Many people need to get many chemical peels in order to keep their results over the course of the long-term.

Some of our customers say that they see results right away, and others mention that it takes a few weeks for them to really appreciate the new, fresh look of their skin. At My Cosmetic Clinic, we pride ourselves in being able to give you a better timeline based on your personal goals, what kind of skin you have, and the kind of treatment that you’re getting.

Don’t Delay Your Gorgeous Skin

At the end of the day, the sooner you start on your treatments, the sooner you can start to enjoy the fantastic results that so many people have from their chemical peel experience. Simply getting started with your personalized consultation is the first step to a gorgeous face that you will be proud to show off and that looks younger than it actually is.

Get Started Today

There is no reason why you should not get started on your journey to youth and beauty today. All you need to do is book a free consultation with My Cosmetic Clinic and let us know what your concerns and objectives are.

We can put together a personalized plan for you and get you on a treatment schedule that should yield the results that you are looking for. Additionally, our experts will be able to explain the ins and outs of the treatment and manage your expectations so that you are fully prepared for what you are getting.

Personalized Care Is Our Goal

Managing expectations is one of the best things that medical personnel can do when it comes to these kinds of treatments, which is why you need to go with someone that you can fully trust. At My Cosmetic Clinic, we believe in personalized care, and we will analyze your skin and needs to develop a comprehensive plan that works specifically for you. We have helped countless people realize the face of their dreams, and we can help you out as well.

Don’t be nervous about getting a chemical peel. With the right treatment options and a team of experts behind you, this beauty-boosting treatment can enhance your natural look and help you feel more confident in the face you’re presenting to the world. There’s nothing to lose, and only youthful beauty and renewed fresh and lovely skin to gain. Contact us at My Cosmetic Clinic in Newcastle, New South Wales, at 1300 40 73 36 today!

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