How Much Weight Could You Lose From a Tummy Tuck
  • 16 December 2021
  • Dr Masood Ansari

A healthy diet and regular exercise are some of the best ways to help you achieve your desired body goals, but there are times when stubborn pockets of fat cling onto your body no matter how much effort you put in at the gym. Plastic surgery procedures for body contouring such as a tummy tuck are reliable ways to achieve your aesthetic goals. At My Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney, NSW, we know that abdominoplasty procedures can trim your waist, firm your abdominal muscles, and help you feel more confident about your body.

How Much Weight Could You Lose From a Tummy Tuck?

Most people seek a tummy tuck procedure because they want to reduce the appearance of a pudgy tummy, either from regular weight gain or as a result of pregnancy. One of the most commonly asked questions people have about this procedure is about the amount of weight they can expect to lose. For most, the average amount of weight that can be lost with this body contouring procedure is between two to four kilos.

Of course, the illusion of how much weight you can lose as a result of this procedure is much more impressive. While two to four kilos may not seem like much, it translates to significant changes in the size of your clothes. Women will generally be able to drop two to three dress sizes when they have recovered, while men may be able to reduce three or more pant sizes. All in all, this translates to significant changes in your overall appearance.

Should This Procedure Be Considered a Weight Loss Procedure?

No. While this procedure can help you shed a few kilos from your waistline, it should not be considered a weight-loss procedure. A weight-loss procedure is designed to help you lose significant amounts of weight. The goal of this treatment is to help you contour the shape of your body. While this treatment can help you reach your final ideal body weight, any weight loss achieved with this procedure is considered a side benefit.

Will You Need to Lose Weight Before Your Procedure?

You may or may not need to lose weight before you can have this procedure. The best candidates for this body contouring procedure are already within a few kilos of a healthy weight range as determined by their gender and age. However, this rule doesn’t always apply based on your aesthetic goals. Some people who use this procedure don’t plan to lose more weight or are already happy at their current weight, so weight loss before the procedure may not be necessary.

You and your provider will need to determine whether or not weight loss before your body contouring treatment is required for you to reach your aesthetic goals. Unless you need to lose weight to qualify for surgery, most providers will not recommend significant weight loss before this procedure. That said, the results of this treatment will look better if you are within a healthy weight range before your procedure.

Will Your Waist Become Smaller?

Your waist is defined as the natural bend in your body, usually right above your hip. Some people may high higher waists, while others may have a rectangular body shape with no extreme definition in the waist. Since the waist is visible in the abdominal region, many people wonder if this procedure will shrink the size of their waist or significantly change their body measurements.

This procedure may help your waist appear smaller, cinched, or more tucked simply because the removal of unwanted fat and excess skin from the abdominal region will alter the appearance of this part of the body. As a body contouring procedure, however, the fat removal will be focused on the front of your abdomen, rather than the sides, so your waistline may not have significant changes after this procedure. Be sure to discuss your aesthetic goals for your waist with your provider during your consultation.

How Does Tummy Tuck Work?

This body contouring procedure works by making an incision below the belly button to remove unwanted fat and excess skin from the abdominal region. The procedure will focus on a few main aspects of your tummy, such as loose abdominal muscles, unwanted pockets of fat that are resistant to dieting and exercise, and loose skin that may be associated with weight loss. This treatment helps you achieve a slimmer appearance by focusing reduction techniques on the abdominal region.

How Soon Will You See Results?

In general, the final results of this treatment will be visible about six to eight weeks after the procedure, or when your physician confirms you have reached the end of your recovery period. For some, this may mean you will only see hints of your results during the healing process, particularly if you have more subtle goals or if you are directed to use compression garments. Even during recovery, you may see early results because your overall body shape has changed.

How Long Can You Enjoy Results?

Overall, this procedure is considered a permanent solution for achieving your desired aesthetic goals. Most people will be able to enjoy the results of this procedure for several years, especially if efforts are made to maintain these results. One reason why the results of this procedure can last for several years is that fat cells that are removed from the body will not be able to grow back. However, it is possible that any remaining fat cells will be able to store additional fat if you experience significant weight gain.

Significant weight gain is generally defined as gaining more than eight to 10 kilos. Although many people will experience a weight fluctuation of one to three kilos throughout the week or month, any sustained weight gain may indicate that you have stored additional fat. Women who are menstruating experience more drastic weight fluctuations throughout the month than men, and older people in menopause or andropause may experience unintentional weight gain related to hormone changes. Speak with a physician if you have gained significant weight unintentionally.

Maintaining Results

Although the results of this procedure are estimated to last for several years or even a lifetime, there are certain steps you can take to ensure your results will last for as long as possible. For example, leading a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and routine exercise will prevent weight gain that will undo the results of your procedure.

Who Are Good Candidates?

Both women and men use a tummy tuck procedure to reach certain aesthetic goals. It’s not uncommon for women to use this treatment after pregnancy to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. Men and women may use this treatment to achieve results that can’t be reached through traditional fitness methods. Candidates for this body contouring procedure include:

  • People in good general health
  • People without wound healing disorders
  • Women not planning on becoming pregnant
  • People near target weight and body fat
  • People who are not significantly overweight
  • People who are active

If you are interested in this procedure, then you should also be aware of the possibility of scarring at the surgical site. Surgeons will be sure to make an incision on an area of the body that is not likely to be seen, such as where underwear might hide scarring. Please speak with Dr Ansari about other risks associated with this procedure during your consultation.

Does the Timing of This Procedure Matter?

Absolutely. It’s important to time your procedure correctly so you can get the most out of your results. For example, women should wait to have this procedure until they are no longer planning on having children since pregnancy and childbirth will undo the results of the surgery. You should also postpone this procedure until you are at a stable healthy weight and your mental outlook is healthy. When you have this procedure at the right time and you are prepared to maintain your results, you can enjoy the results for much longer.

Feel More Confident With a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Whether you want a tummy tuck to finally finish your weight loss journey or you are using this procedure after pregnancy to regain your figure, this body contouring procedure can be immensely helpful for many people. You can expect to lose a few kilos with this procedure, which can have a significant impact on your overall body shape. Contact My Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney, NSW to schedule your consultation today.

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