Are natural facial movements leaving undesirable lines on your face?

No matter how good our genetics, environment or lifestyle may be, our skin isn’t designed to keep wrinkles at bay and does not have the ability to sustain youthful, wrinkle-free skin.

Anti wrinkle injections are a fast, effective and affordable solution to combat the skin’s ageing process.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections: How often is too often?

At My Cosmetic Clinic we suggest having anti-wrinkle treatments regularly but not excessively nor should treatments be too sparse.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is a fine line between having anti-wrinkle injections ‘too often’ and ‘not enough’

If you plan your treatments at regular intervals, rather than wait for the product to completely wear-off, the results and effects of anti-wrinkle injections will last longer.

That being said, having treatments too frequently may cause muscle resistance. You should space your treatments at least 10-12 weeks apart, depending on the product used, the facial area treated, and your body’s ability to absorb the injected material.

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