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6 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Tummy Tuck

Having a toned midsection comes with countless benefits. For starters, you’ll love the way you see yourself, or even the way others see you. A toned abdomen can also make you feel healthier, making it easier to establish an exercise routine that can boost your energy levels, with a great positive impact on your social […]

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How Much does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

Abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck, is surgery that tightens and flattens the midsection for a more attractive body contour. While the procedure offers dramatic results for the right patient, some shy away from the operation due to the investment of time and money if it entails. While a tummy tuck is a commitment, […]

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Is a Tummy Tuck Covered by Medicare?

A tummy tuck is often requested by Sydney women after they have had children or lost a significant amount of weight. The surgery removes loose, excess skin that might be interfering with the body contour while tightening up the abdominal muscles to produce a firmer, flatter midsection. Women who have undergone multiple pregnancies might opt […]


We are pleased to announce that My Cosmetic Clinic and Dr. Ansari have been featured in a special edition of the Sydney Morning Herald. Recently, the Sydney Morning Herald interviewed Dr Ansari for a special feature on the topic of Cosmetic Surgery. In the article (published last Friday December 2nd) Dr Ansari discusses the common […]