• 5 April 2021
  • Dr Masood Ansari

No one likes to age, but until recent years, there was nothing to do about the visible signs of aging. Today, you have an option and can take control of your appearance thanks to cosmetic injectables. At My Cosmetic Clinic, conveniently located at eight different locations across NSW, we offer different dermal fillers that can help you improve your appearance and take control of the aging process.

What Should You Expect From Dermal Fillers?

Natural-Looking Results

Many people are hesitant to try fillers because they don’t want to look unnatural. When you choose our office, you will be in the hands of expert injectors to know how to inject fillers in a way that looks completely natural. You will look more well-rested, more youthful, but still just like yourself. The benefit of dermal fillers is that most are made of a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid that blends seamlessly with the skin when injected below the surface.

Long-Lasting Results

Many products claim to provide long-lasting results, but the results don’t show up until weeks after regular use. Fillers are different because not only do they provide immediate results, but they also provide long-lasting results.

Dermal fillers typically last anywhere from six months to two years or longer after the initial injection. During your initial consultation, we can give you a better idea of how long your fillers will last based on which product is chosen to help address your skin.

Improvements in Your Appearance

One of the main reasons that people choose to add dermal fillers to their anti-aging routine is that it makes them look better. They can help fill in hollow areas, create contours, and restore natural support and definition, which helps your face look revitalized and more proportional. Your skin will look fresher and healthier, but you will still look like yourself.

Improvements in Facial Contours and Symmetry

The most aesthetically pleasing faces are those that have definition, symmetry, and facial proportion. Fillers can restore structure to different areas of the face that have suffered from volume loss. By redefining the facial contours, they can help your face appear more symmetrical and proportional. If you have never had facial symmetry, injections can add symmetry where needed and create the kind of natural-looking dimension you may have always wished for.

Restoration of Youth

Not only do these fillers improve your appearance, but they also can restore a youthful appearance to your face. Youthful skin is plump, hydrated, and full. By addressing hollow areas on the face, these cosmetic injectables can help restore a youthful glow which will make your skin and your face look more like a younger version of yourself. They can also delay the signs of aging and make your complexion look fresher and firmer.

Dermal Fillers: Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Can They Treat?

Fillers are versatile because they can address the signs of aging and enhance the appearance by defining certain features on the face. They can add fullness to the face, enhance shallow contours, plump the lips, and soften facial creases, folds, and wrinkles. They can be injected almost anywhere, but the most common treatment areas include the following areas:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Under Eye Area
  • Hands
  • Around the nose

They can help address and correct the signs of aging, including the following conditions that arise due to the aging process:

  • Under-eye circles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Smoker’s lips
  • Laugh lines
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Volume loss
  • Facial folds and creases
  • Thinning lips
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Acne scars

What Happens During Treatment?

During treatment, your injector will cleanse your skin and then administer the injectable into different areas of your face, as discussed during your initial consultation. We’ll apply a numbing cream before administering the injections to ensure optimal comfort during and after the injections.
Once your injection appointment is complete, you will notice an immediate improvement in your problem areas, and they will continue to improve in the weeks following your appointment. When you notice that your results have begun to fade, you can schedule a follow-up appointment to maintain your results.

Who Is a Candidate?

Both men and women who have been affected by the aging process and, as a result, have experienced the development of wrinkles, sagging skin, volume loss, and the loss of facial definition can benefit from cosmetic injectables like dermal fillers. Those who haven’t experienced aging quite yet but want to prevent volume loss and the formation of wrinkles can benefit from this treatment as well.
We will confirm that you are a candidate for treatment during your consultation, during which we’ll review your health history and discuss your concerns to make sure that fillers are the right choice for you.

Begin an Anti-Aging Routine Today

You don’t have to live with the signs of aging, nor do you have to sit and wait for them to show up. Whether you want to address the signs of aging or want to get one step ahead of the aging process, we can help. Contact one of our eight My Cosmetic Clinic offices conveniently located across NSW Australia today to schedule your initial consultation to learn more about dermal fillers and how they can help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Dr Masood Ansari
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Dr Masood Ansari

Dr Ansari has undergone nine years of extensive surgical training around the globe. He received his initial surgical training under the auspices of the National Health Services (NHS) in the United Kingdom and obtained Membership in the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 2006. Due to his particularly keen interest in surgical research, Dr Ansari has been involved in multiple academic research projects and was awarded a Masters (MSc) in Advanced Surgical Practice from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.

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