• 23 August 2021
  • Dr Masood Ansari

A slim and graceful neck is one of the hallmarks of youth, even those who have been genetically gifted with such a neck will experience aging. Many people don’t take care of their necks until it’s too late. If your neck is defined by sagging skin and general skin laxity, we can help. At My Cosmetic Clinic, with locations conveniently located in the New South Wales area, we offer the necklift, a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of the neck.

How Does a Necklift Work?

The goal of a necklift is to address skin laxity on the neck. The procedure involves the cutting away of excess skin and the tightening of the remaining skin. A necklift is most often performed in conjunction with a facelift. During a facelift, the lower half of the face and the neck are reconstructed to help improve the appearance.

Addressing Aging

A necklift is technically called a lower rhytidectomy. The neck skin often ages faster than the face, and the fact that many people forget to put sunscreen on their neck or even hydrate the skin can make matters even worse.

Everything from lifestyle habits to genetics can accelerate the aging process and leave you with a neck that makes you look and feel older than your numerical age. This procedure is designed to tighten and smooth the skin on the neck, address jowls by lifting the jawline, and create a natural and youthful-looking appearance.

The Treatment Process

Your Initial Consultation

The first step in the neck lift process is confirming your eligibility for treatment. During a consultation, one of our skilled practitioners will assess your medical history, examine and analyze your neck, and discuss your concerns. We will take many factors into account to determine the right treatment plan for you.

Once we confirm that this procedure is right for your needs, we will provide you with a quote, and then we will move forward and schedule your appointment as soon as you are ready.

Your Procedure

Once you arrive at our day surgery unit, you will be treated by an Anaesthetist who will administer local or general anesthesia and twilight sedation to help maintain your comfort throughout the procedure. Then, Dr Ansari will remove excess skin and complete the procedure according to your treatment plan. If you choose to combine a neck lift with a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery, those surgeries will be performed as well.

When treating the neck, Dr Ansari will surgically tighten the neck muscles and, if necessary, use liposuction to remove any excess fat in the neck. The procedure can take anywhere from two to five hours, based on how many different areas you choose to address in combination with your necklift.

Improving the Appearance of the Chin

One of the benefits of this procedure is that it can correct a double chin. A double chin results from excess fatty tissue and often loose, sagging skin. Double chins can be genetic, or they can develop due to skin laxity and the aging process. This procedure will address the double chin and give you a more contoured-looking chin profile.

Contouring the Jawline

As you age, your face begins to lose volume, and those volume changes can affect your facial fat distribution. The result is often drooping skin, specifically in the cheeks and the jawline. As a result, jowls can form. Jowls are pockets of loose skin that hang below your jawline. They create a soft and undefined jawline. The necklift can remove jowls altogether and eliminate sagging skin along the jawline to create a tighter, more youthful appearance.

Muscle Banding

With the aging process comes a decrease in volume and changes in the fat volume below your skin’s surface. When this occurs, you can be left with the appearance of thick, muscular-looking bands around the neck. This procedure can improve the appearance of the neck by tightening the vertical neck muscles while lifting the skin to create a graceful and natural-looking appearance.

Am I a Candidate?

This elective procedure is designed to improve the appearance of the neck in patients who have unsuccessfully tried non-surgical treatments to improve their necks. The following are some of the qualifying factors that make patients eligible for this procedure.

Skin Laxity

Skin laxity is an important factor that we will take into account in determining whether you are a candidate for this procedure. While some degree of skin laxity can be expected as you age, there comes the point when severe skin laxity can no longer b improved with a non-surgical approach. If you are not happy with the appearance of your neck and haven’t been able to improve it with anti-aging treatments or products, a necklift may be right for you.

You Are Physically and Mentally Healthy

It is very important that you are both mentally and physically healthy before beginning this procedure. Good health is an important qualifying factor for any surgery, elective or non-elective, so you must be healthy before qualifying for the procedure. Additionally, you should have realistic expectations regarding the procedure, the results, and your outcome. After your procedure, the appearance of your neck will improve, but you won’t look like a different person.

You Understand the Limitations of the Procedure

While this procedure will improve the appearance of your neck and make it more aesthetically pleasing, it won’t give you a brand new neck. Your skin will be tighter, and the procedure will resolve many of the issues you had with your neck previously, but you are still responsible for maintaining the health of your skin after your procedure.

Maintaining Your Results

It’s important that you take the necessary steps to reduce further aging of the neck by applying high-quality sunscreen daily to the area to protect it from sun damage. Doing so will help reduce lines and wrinkles and help you avoid the acceleration of the aging process after your procedure is complete.

You should also find a high-quality moisturizer to apply to the skin on your neck to keep it hydrated and give it the essential nutrients that it needs to maintain youth. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, exercising regularly, and drinking enough water each day will help maintain your skin’s elastin and collagen levels.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Long Will My Results Last?

This procedure is intended to deliver permanent results, but it cannot stop the aging process. At some point after your procedure, you will experience skin laxity, but making the right lifestyle choices can help ward off aging so that you can enjoy your results indefinitely. By undergoing this procedure, you will be turning back the clock, so any form of aging you do experience will be nothing compared to how aging affected your neck before your procedure.

How Much Downtime Should I Expect?

Your total recovery time will depend on many factors, including how many procedures you add to your necklift. Most patients who choose to undergo a lower rhytidectomy resume their normal activities within a week. We can provide you with a better idea of your recovery timeline during your initial consultation once we determine whether your treatment plan will include addressing more areas than your neck.

Many patients choose to add other procedures to their necklift, including a facelift, liposuction of the neck, a brow lift, or eyelid surgery. If you are interested in any of these procedures, our practitioners will describe each of these procedures in detail during your initial consultation.

Restore Youth to Your Neck

If you’ve experienced the signs of aging on your neck and non-surgical treatments haven’t been able to help you reach your aesthetic goals, we can help. Contact us today at one of our My Cosmetic Clinic locations in the New South Wales area to find out more about this procedure and how it can help increase your confidence in your appearance.

Dr Masood Ansari
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Dr Ansari has undergone nine years of extensive surgical training around the globe. He received his initial surgical training under the auspices of the National Health Services (NHS) in the United Kingdom and obtained Membership in the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 2006. Due to his particularly keen interest in surgical research, Dr Ansari has been involved in multiple academic research projects and was awarded a Masters (MSc) in Advanced Surgical Practice from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.

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