• 10 March 2021
  • Dr Masood Ansari

Are the frown lines on your face bothering you more each day? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Many of us experience this natural effect of aging skin as we journey further into adulthood. Fortunately, anti-wrinkle injections may be the perfect solution for you. My Cosmetic Clinic has several convenient locations across NSW, and we are happy to offer anti-wrinkle injectables as a treatment option.

How Can Anti-Wrinkle Injections Eliminate Frown Lines?

Frown lines appear over time due to repetitive facial expressions and squinting. These lines typically appear horizontally across the forehead, vertically between the eyes, or at the corners of the mouth. Whether you’re noticing these lines in one or several places, injectables may be exactly what you need to reduce wrinkles and restore your confidence.

How Does It Work?

You may be wondering how injectables work. Your face contains muscles that naturally contract during certain facial expressions or when you’re squinting. Anti-wrinkle injections are made up of a natural protein that relaxes these muscles.

There are also neurotransmitters that travel from your nerves to your muscles. These transmitters signal the muscles to contract. Injections inhibit this transmission process, thus helping to prevent new wrinkles from forming.

The net result is that your frown lines will gradually fade and may even disappear entirely. However, follow-up treatments are needed to maintain your results. We recommend waiting no longer than 4 months to repeat the injections. Over time, your muscles may become ‘trained’ to contract less, so that your results last longer between treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injectables offer many cosmetic benefits. Given this, they are a popular choice for enhancing your beauty and reducing the visible signs of aging. Some of the areas that may be treated with injections include:

  • Frown lines and forehead lines
  • Crows feet (wrinkles at the corner of the eyes)
  • Sagging eyebrows
  • Lip pucker lines
  • Sagging around the mouth
  • Chin dimples or wrinkles

Injectables Are a Worry-Free Choice

For many years, injections have been the top-choice solution for wrinkles and aging skin. Practitioners and patients around the world put their trust in this type of treatment. Of course, we will discuss any concerns you have so that your mind can be at ease.

Because injections are non-invasive, there is no downtime and little to no impact on your day to day life. You can be in and out of our office quickly and return to your usual activities.

Of course, it’s common to experience reluctance when trying something new, but you can feel assured that injections have a wide and trusted following. The increased confidence you’ll gain is priceless, and you’ll also look and feel younger. You may also notice that your face has an overall more rested appearance.

You’ll See Results Quickly

Injections are one of the fastest solutions available for reducing wrinkles. Patients typically see results within 2-3 days, with full results complete within 5-8 days. This gradual but relatively fast improvement is a key benefit of injectable treatments.

Fortunately, your results will fade much more gradually. After a period of a few months, you may start to notice the reappearance of frown lines. We recommend returning for maintenance treatments every 3-4 months.

Results Can Last Several Months

Although injections provide temporary results, you may be able to wait as long as 4 months before returning for repeat treatments. Each individual is different, and we will work with you to create a treatment schedule that you are happy with.

You Can Return to Activity Immediately

Another key benefit of choosing injectables is that they are non-invasive. After each treatment, you may return to your normal activities immediately. However, to protect your results, we recommend staying out of the sun for about a day following your treatment. It’s also advised to avoid highly strenuous activity in the 48 hours post-treatment.

Some patients wonder about wearing makeup after treatment. Because the injections are non-invasive, makeup may be worn immediately. However, we recommend that patients do not apply much pressure when applying makeup to the treatment sites. We will discuss post-treatment skin care with you in detail at your appointment.

Very Little Discomfort

The needles used for injections are extremely fine, so you won’t even need to be numbed. We will provide an ice pack to reduce any stinging you may feel. Some patients experience minor swelling or redness, but this typically subsides within minutes.

How Long Does the Appointment Take?

Injection appointments are efficient and fast, so you won’t have to sacrifice much of your valuable time to receive treatments. On average, an appointment lasts 20 minutes, start to finish. This includes prep and consultation. The procedure itself rarely takes any longer than 5 minutes.

How to Book An Appointment

If anti-wrinkle injections sound like the right solution for you, you are welcome to schedule your appointment immediately. Call My Cosmetic Clinic in NSW today to book your appointment at one of our several locations. You may also schedule using our convenient, efficient online booking system. Injections are a well-recognized solution for frown lines and aging skin, and we look forward to helping you reach your skin confidence goals.

Dr Masood Ansari
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Dr Masood Ansari

Dr Ansari has undergone nine years of extensive surgical training around the globe. He received his initial surgical training under the auspices of the National Health Services (NHS) in the United Kingdom and obtained Membership in the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) in 2006. Due to his particularly keen interest in surgical research, Dr Ansari has been involved in multiple academic research projects and was awarded a Masters (MSc) in Advanced Surgical Practice from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.

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